London Private Dental Practice in Wimpole Steet

The practice was established in the 1920s in Queen Anne Street before beginning its long tenure at No. 6 Harcourt House in the 1940s. Our recent move to Wimpole Street marks an exciting new chapter in our history. The secret of this longevity and continued success comes down to a simple abiding practice philosophy of minimal intervention. We firmly believe that teeth are at their best when protected from, rather than treated for, dental disease and we were one of the first practices in England to utilise Dental Hygienists. We encourage children to attend from a young age to set good dental patterns for life.

Naturally there are times when teeth do require treatment, but by employing the most up to date techniques we are able to ensure that this is achieved with minimal intervention. When patients request elective cosmetic treatment, we use the most contemporary methods available to achieve significant aesthetic improvements without unnecessary damage to the natural teeth. For a number of reasons certain dental treatments can be particularly complex in nature. Should we believe that you require referral to a specialist then we will not hesitate to do so.

Modern dentistry can be virtually pain and stress free. We do everything possible to minimise your discomfort and believe that by taking our time to thoroughly explain and demystify dental procedures, we can overcome the anxiety of even our most nervous patients. We comply with British Dental Association standards of sterilisation and use single-use items of equipment wherever possible to ensure your personal safety. All this enables you to feel confident and in control when you visit us.


We are fully CQC compliant, please follow the link below for more details:

CQC Information

Harcourt House
London Dentist James Baker, 55 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YL

Mider Ltd trading as Macdonald & Baker Director: Dr P J Baker Incorporated in England and Wales
Company number: 05559919 Registered Office: 93 Greenham Rd, London, N10 1LN

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